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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tales from invigilation

Today we have had 5 visitors already and I have only been here an hour, although they aren't all here specifically for the exhibition. If people using the corridor walk by, take note of the art, pause to make a comment to a friend or supervisor, then I count them as visitors too.
Watching people's reaction to the exhibition is funny and I enjoy being privy to the giggles of a couple as they make their way down the corridor, the shocked gasps of students as they notice Tracey Emin's monoprints of a woman masturbating and the cheeky passing comment of an academic, 'At least it's better than last time!'. At first I would have agreed that part 2 was less controversial than the politically violent Part 1, but the curator of the exhibition, Phillipa Found reminded me that there had been certain restrictions on which works they could use to advertise the show and plenty of protests as it was being put up. Sex and Violence. I suppose the truth is they are both equally taboo...

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