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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My Dissertation- summarised in pictures

This is my dissertation pinboard. Whatever it may suggest, my subject is not Art or Art History, but Literature. The exciting thing about the dissertation is that I am exploring the ways in which literature and art are interconnected, that words themselves can be material objects, can be individual works of art.

From top left to bottom right, a list of the dissertation ephemera;

*A postcard from the Fitzwilliam museum Cambridge of a Neolithic female (David Jones explores the first examples of art in his poem The Anathemata)

*Leaflet from an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts where I first saw work by Eric Gill.

*A post it note reminding me that 'Neo-romanticism' might be an important idea.

*A postcard of the Kettles Yard house, where there are archives of David Jones' letters.

* A quote from Eric Gill 'Beauty is independent of ethical association', to remind me that Gill can still shock me!

*A postcard of Eric Gill's Ecstasy, it is going to be impossible to avoid the subject of sex in my dissertation when it comes to Gill.

*A quote from Paul Klee which expresses a similar theory of Art to that which Jones and Gill preach (I just happened to pick this up in library, but it is excitingly relevant)

*A picture of the Willendorf Venus, another example of early art, early sensual art to be more precise. Jones alludes to the Willendorf in his epic poem...

*A painting by Paul Nash, (the postcard is from the Fitz again) Nash belongs to the same school of artists as Jones, he is using watercolours and the perspective has been flattened.

*An inscription by David Jones...I should have more inscriptional work on my pinboard as this is the heart of the dissertation, 'The word made stone!'

*Another painting by Paul Nash...purely for decorative purposes!

*And finally another quote found in the library from Ralph Waldo Emerson, he also agrees that words can be material objects.

Of course there is a lot more to my dissertation than meets the eye in my collection of images, but the pinboard begins to map out some of my thinking and some of my inspiration!

I am sorry about picture quality, I have been using the camera on my blackberry which is fast, efficient and easy but the photos don't turn out as beautiful as they would with a little more effort. Still they are only here as a little visual aid.

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