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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Chinese Vogue- 5th anniversary September Issue

My blog got a hit from a google search for Chinese Vogue. I was the fourth search result, this excites me a lot but also made me realise how unsatisfying my first post may have been. Here are some sneak peak scans from the issue to satisfy any searches a little more sufficiently. Here is a sneak peak at some of the pages inside the issue, remember you can click on the scans to see a bigger image.

The issue features some gorgeous photoshoots which really explore asian identity and beauty.

This picture reminds me of some of the numerous fabric markets that were dotted around Beijing, in China tailored clothing is affordable to just about any Western tourist as long as they have savvy bartering skills.

This scan shows the full-range of a make-up shoot featured in the magazine, i love the way the chinese characters look on the page.

This scan didn't come out very well, you can still see the rainbow of the laser as it moves across the page. But I couldn't resist trying to show you this page, the black and white photoshoot of female Chinese celebrities is my favourite in the magazine. It really plays with ideas of western elegance and glamour. I think Asian beauty wins out in the end though.


  1. "but also made me realize how unsatisfying my first post may have been"

    - Whenever I get to read some of my previous posts, I feel the same: unsatisfied, wishing I could have written them smarter or cleaner, but I guess our blog posts are our thoughts at a particular moment.

    You were in Beijing, I guess? Loved how cosmopolitan Shanghai was (never been to Beijing, but one day soon) - the expat community is so eclectic, very "New York" haha.

    Great blogsite!

  2. That is really lovely. I love the gritty beauty. Also, thanks for the recommendation on travel fiction & eco crit. My husband is really into natural resource management so I have a small pile of books by Tim Egan & Marc Reisner to delve into.