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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Maggi Hambling

I have been feeling a bit ill, and there is nothing like a bit of creative nostalgia as comfort. Anyway I have a habit of buying hundreds of postcards and never sending them anywhere or to anyone, but I do usually write things on the back of them. I suppose you could call them notes to myself, postcards from daydreams far away! Here are some from a Maggi Hambling exhibition I saw at the Fitzwilliam at the beginning of the summer. On the second post card I have copied out a poem by Hambling from the exhbition.

I didn't get to the beach properly this year, oh how I still long for the sea!


  1. I have just realised how small they are! Just click on them to see a larger version!

  2. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing!