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Sunday, 21 November 2010

I LOVE Paula Rego

Here's a little tribute!

These are some sketches in biro that I did a fairly long time ago now of some of Paula Rego's work. If you know anything about modern art you will have heard of Rego, her work is powerful and bold, so that modern women painter's must all struggle in her emasculating shadow. She recently had a show in London called The Oratorio (I wrote a short post about it in July), but I still hold out hope that she will be back for a retrospective exhibition at some point. I would love to see all her work, which I spent so much time with during A-levels, in the flesh.
Looking at these sketches makes me really miss drawing, I wonder when I will get the chance to do my own art again or if I am destined to just spend my life with other people's (not that this is a terrible thought at all!)


  1. Hello! Nice blog. I will return ;-) Antonio

  2. I agree re. Paula Rego, she is an inspiration, would love to see a big retrospective soon. I was looking at the new Louise Bourgeoise book today on Amazon, I think it may be worth my birthday money but I wish I could see inside to check out what is included.