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Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Museum of Everything

When I come back home I am afforded the luxury of old issues of Vogue. Like a magpie I always plunder them with new ideas in my mind; sometimes I am just seeking out Tim Walker's photoshoots and other times all I want are bright adverts to use as chic wrapping paper. This time I discovered an article that I had missed, about a man named James Brett, who has the potential to become something of an idol.

Last year Brett brought his collection of 'unintentional art', The Museum of Everything, to an old recording studio in Primrose hill. (And a little research has just revealed that it has returned to Primose Hill, as of January 5th! Yes!) Arising from what he describes as a 'compulsive nature' Brett's curatorial method is to collect together found objects, artefacts, the things which interest him rather than what the art world sanctions as valuable. As a bit of a magpie myself (and a penniless one at that) the sentiment definitely appeals. The Museum showcases the art of 'untrained individuals, the socially marginalised and psychologically fragile.' Brett sounds like the most successful art therapist on the planet, orchestrating a huge social experiment. Branded 'Outsider Art', The Museum of Everything has been hailed as a breath of fresh air in the art world.

The website urges us to 'Marvel at our assemblies of Punch and Judy and little people! Bedazzle yourself with side-show banners from the Americas! Ride the miniature fairgrounds of retired Norfolk farmer Arthur Windley! Stuff yourself at Walter Potter's Museum of Curiosity, a masterwork of Victorian animalia!' It sounds like just the kind of surreal treat the world needs.

'I like the idea of a Radio 1 kind of roadshow, take it round the country. The Antiques Roadshow on acid- with soup!' James Brett.

So be careful what you wish for, it might be coming to a town or a country near you.


  1. Thanks for stumbling upon my blog and leaving me a comment ;) Hope you enjoyed the content!

  2. This is brilliant news Frangipan. I am going back over in 3 weeks and shall be staying with Sister in North London as usual. I will pay the Museum a visit! Being another penniless Magpie :-) myself

  3. you don't have everything-my assemblages are still missing to complete the collection..