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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday Selections- Home

In general I don't get very sentimental about 'Home', my parents take offence but they shouldn't. It is just that I come from a very small world and I enjoy my taste of freedom too much to let it go. But it's my final year and suddenly I am appreciating more and more what that Home means. So I have enjoyed trawling through photographs for this Sunday Selection and tried to find some images that capture the feeling of that place.

Looking up out of my garden from the sky-bed of the trampoline.

In the summer I always photograph the flowers.

A summer view from my bedroom window, the shadow of my house in fields.

Autumn hay bales in the field. When they stack the bales I go with my friends and brothers and we climb up in to them.

My reflection in a puddle out in the lane; when I was younger so many stories came from pacing the lane (my first bit of freedom) and staring in to those reflective expanses of puddle. It is this wetness, bringing snails out and make stones glitter, that I remember best of all.

In the snow the quiet houses fade.


  1. Lovely selection this week. I am always interested to see peoples homes and the flatness of your country amazes me. I live in hill country :)

  2. this post has made me slightly homesick! Norfolk fields and farms means I'll pretty much frolic about in your photos all summer.


  3. two-thirds sky, one-third land...

  4. Nice selection. I love seeing where people live.

  5. Lovely... I adore the countryside! Your photographs are from compelling viewpoints that tell your story well!

  6. What beautiful country. It looks so peaceful.

  7. Amazing photos. And you can really feel your presence in them. Just lovely.

  8. So similar looking to my prairietown home.

  9. Lovely...You did a great job as well, so thank you very much!

    Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserve; it is life's undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room.

    ~Harriet Beecher Stowe

  10. Thanks for your words on my page..
    Yeah... home has always a double edge sword, its good that your starting to apperciate it.
    it looks like a very nice place to be.

  11. Oh, what a lovely place your home is! And how true that we don't fully appreciate it when we first leave it. ;)

    I love the roses, and the interesting angles you've captured in the trampoline shot. And also, I love the snapshot of your emotional connection with the lane and the puddles!