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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Reasons to stay in Cambridge over the holidays...

Almost everybody has gone home, I am still here... My Director of Studies wants to know if I have a family that loves me? I do, but I live in a small village with no car. If I get on my bicycle at home I can cycle for miles and see nothing but fields, if I get on my bicycle here the possibilities increase.

On December 14th a small exhibition called Afterlife will begin at the Fitzwilliam museum with recent prints by Jake and Dinos Chapman, Paul Coldwell, Mat Collishaw, Jane Dixon, Paul Morrison, Hughie O'Donoghue and Marc Quinn.

Mat Collishaw, Insecticide, photogravure printed in colour.

This tantalising image of a butterfly wing is enough to convince me that Afterlife will quench my thirst for exploring modern printmaking. The website says that Afterlife will touch on 'themes of mortality, preservation and regeneration' but will also engage in a dialogue about the use of the print process to 'transfigure and recycle elements of art and nature.' I think it sounds breathtaking. It will probably fill me with the usual longing to take a print making course and spend the rest of my life in workshops etching, screen printing and making printing blocks!

The second brilliant thing is an exhibition coming to the New Hall art Collection on the 12th December; The Light Turned flimsy, Tower Tribe Project 3. This exhibition looks genuinely surreal but nevertheless exciting. This is a group of paintings which 'depict warrior/conjuror characters that belong to a tribe who are at the moment loosely called the Tower Tribe.' They are an invented tribe searching for a 'stabilising monument' in their art. It all seems a bit sci-fi, but the paintings look technically brilliant, so I will hold my judgement for the moment.

The Rot of Rhythm, Jan Crombie

So this is what I will be filling my holiday with, look out for more on these exhibitions.

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