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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

If only Ben Nicholson would design my curtains

You may remember me writing that one of my highlights at Kettles Yard was Ben Nicholson's print on fabric which the Ede's appeared to have used as a bathroom blind. Here it is!

Letters and numbers, c.1933

Nicholson's linocut is an energetic algorithm speaking an abstract language. His letters and numbers appear to jump in their repetitions across the fabric avoiding direct meaning and communication. There is a framed version of the print in the corridor but it is the version in the bathroom which I like the most. I might be leaping to wild imaginative conclusions but it's display on a curtain rail makes it look like a blind. I think this speaks volumes about the function of art (something which David Jones and Eric Gill are always discussing); giving Nicholson's print a function imbues it with all kinds of richness and locates it firmly within the house. Anyway these are the nasty curtains I have to contend with in my college bedroom instead:

If only Ben Nicholson would design me a set of curtains!

1 comment:

  1. Love the print with the letters and numbers, it is really cool. Very intruiging.