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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Selections-Madrid

I'm beginning to enjoy the purely nostalgic qualities of Kim's Sunday Selections which gives me an excuse to idly flick through old photographs and old memories. When I was 16 I spent three weeks with my Aunt and Uncle in Madrid, my aunt worked during the day and so I spent a lot of time exploring the city on my own. I recognise now that this was a huge thing for my sixteen year old self. These photographs are pre-digital camera and they appear to be pre-photography skills, but they have an appropriately dreamy quality. I have on this occasion, indulgently, failed to be selective.

Whilst uploading I began to feel like there was a lot of absence in these photographs, so here is some presence. When I was younger I didn't want people in my photographs, I wanted attractions and monuments unpolluted by crowds, clean lines and light. I think this isn't always true now, people add character.

I'm not sure I ever knew that I would be writing about being 16 and in Madrid so distantly.


  1. Just checked out your blog- you have such lovely photographs!

  2. I love the nostalgic introduction. Do you think you'll feel the same way of photos you've taken recently, in 5 years to come?

    As we go on, we can only add more essence to our creativity, fueled by further passions and strengthened knowledge.

  3. Just beautiful. I love looking over old photos, the history, the emotions they bring up.

  4. I don't like photographing people and I try very hard to never have people in my photos unless of course it is my children or grandchildren I could happily photograph them all day.

    I really enjoyed these photos Francesca and it makes me happy that you are enjoying my meme.

    Thank you :)

  5. I'd have never thought that these photos were taken by a 16 year old/young ;-) I think they are pretty good. Not that I have any ideay of what kind of photos a 16 year old 'normally' takes. Perhaps it just strikes me that you had an eye for architecture, light and composition.

  6. Wow, beautiful shots. It must have been a brilliant experience to explore such a beautiful city at your own pace.

  7. As you would expect I just love these! I think sitting down and looking through old photographs and memories is one of the pleasantest ways to while away time. For pre-digital photos they look amazing, but as far as composition goes you were a talented photographer even at the age of 16.

  8. Pre-photography skills? Really? A lot of people would like to be able to take such pictures but for a 16 yr old they're pretty good!

    I still like to get pictures of monuments etc without people, but the difference now is that I like them with people as well!