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Friday, 25 February 2011

Dung Beetles

Three Dung Beetles- Wendy Taylor

Today I went down to the staircase to try and get a photograph of our legendary beetle sculpture in college. However, following what has become a brutal tradition of vandalism, the beetles have been temporarily removed. The Three Dung Beetles are an iconic piece of sculpture in the New Hall art collection, as the borrowed photograph shows their importance lies in their interaction with similarly iconic surroundings. The beetles dance in odd circles as the concrete staircase sweeps around them. It is this drama of architecture and sculpture which keeps the beetles here, despite the many drunken attempts to drive them out. A pattern of tricks is emerging. Students playing with the mischievous quality of the beetles throw them on to their heavy bronze backs and rearrange them in all kinds of positions. So for now the beetles, which are very much a part of our college, have been taken away from us. As a justified punishment for our lack of respect, and our inability to protect them from inebriated men (yes I am going to blame the men). But I hope they will return, as they always do, with their resilient thick, bronze skins.

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