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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Trains in Europe

Hello! I think it is about time that I returned to the blog for good now that I have graduated and the summer has well and truly arrived. I have just returned from an interrail trip across Europe. My friend and I traveled by train to Hamburg, Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, Lake Bled, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Split, Venice, Verona and Milan. It was an amazing trip and I succeeded in talking my friend into art galleries, exhibitions and Biennale pavilions throughout our European tour. So expect stories very soon. Here a few photographs as a teaser, evidence that there is art everywhere in Europe if your eyes are open.

A pop-up installation of blue sheep in Berlin which had been travelling all over Germany.

Alfons Mucha's stained glass window in St Vitus' Cathedral, Prague.

Medieval carvings in Verona.

Zagreb's answer to the Berlin Wall.

Cloud Arrangers, an exhibition of music photography in Tivoli Park, Ljubljana.

Art Nouveau apothecary in Vienna.

On the roof of the gothic cathedral in Milan.


  1. I have given your blog a Liebster Blog Award!! I love your personal artistic adventures!

  2. Great pics and good commentary... shall return to sip and savor more stuff here....