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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Selections

It feels lovely to decide to return to Kim's Sunday Selections even if in England I find myself a little late. This week I have chosen some photographs from a very vivid memory of a walk in China. One evening I went to get fruit and food from the nearby village. It was a short walk away from the school along a road, through emptiness to the eventual buzz of small, local streets. It was so incredibly humid outside that my camera lens, directed at the hazy scene, immediately was coated in a shiny layer of wetness. This short walk became an intrepid adventure and the poor quality of the photographs capture something of the magic of the feeling, the hesitation and curiosity.

Shop front

Passing cart

Street Scene

Shop Front

Grocery store


  1. Who says blurry photographs aren't good anyway?

  2. I have just finished reading Neil Gaiman's book Neverwhere. It deals with a world that is there but isnt seen, your photos especially the one of the cart, remind me of the story. I am pleased you are back, I missed you last week :)

  3. One of my favourite little books is 'The Soul of the World - A modern book of hours' (edited by Phil Cousineau with photographs by Eric Lawton) and there a several images in it that are similar to both Shop Front and Passing Cart taken in China too. I like the ethereal quality of them...

  4. You're right - the haziness does add to the atmosphere! And these photos are very evocative.

    I have some similar ones I took of my dog at his first hydrotherapy session. The camera steamed up the instant I took it out, but I got some shots... distorted and hazy, but they immediately bring back the humidity and the splash of the water!